Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum (Japanese: サトシ Satoshi) is the main character of the Pokémon franchise. Traveling with his constant companion and first Pokémon Pikachu, he has participated in three major league competitions and several smaller ones. Through his travels he has explored the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and is currently working his way though the Sinnoh region. Along his travels Ash has met up with countless numbers of trainers, some as allies and others as enemies. And still others have joined him in his travels through the various regions. While his current traveling companions only include Dawn and Brock, in the past he has traveled with Misty, Tracey, May, and Max.

In his multiple league appearances, Ash has slowly improved his standings, placing in the top 16 in the Indigo League and top 8 in the Johto and Hoenn Leagues. Though it should be noted that when competing in the Hoenn league he only used Pokémon that he caught in the Hoenn region, with the exception of Pikachu.

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