Brock (Japanese: タケシ Takeshi) is one of the main protagonists of the Pokémon franchise and is fourth longest running main human character of the series. He has followed Ash Ketchum though the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh.

Brock was once the gym leader of the Pewter City gym, specializing in the use of rock-type Pokémon. After his defeat at the hands of Ash, he reveals that making Pokémon battle is not what he wants to do in life. His enjoyment is in raising Pokémon, and thus his real goal in life is to become the world's best Pokémon Breeder. Soon after telling Ash this he follows the young trainer on his journey.

Brock is most well known for his infatuation with the many attractive female characters of the series. Most notably the Nurse Joys and Officer Jennys, he is able to identify each individual from the virtually identical family lines. Even though he flirts with several women throughout the series there is always someone to keep him in check and keep him from making too much of a fool of himself. Originally it was Misty that kept him line. Then when she left May's brother Max took over the role, eventually learning a few techniques from Misty during her temporary return in the Advance Saga. Currently the one keeping him in line is his very own Pokémon Croagunk who uses a dulled version of his Poison Jab to paralyze Brock and drag him off-screen. Lately it could be suggested that Brock is starting to grow an immunity to the jabs as he is recovering faster from each attack, and in one episode even needed to be subdued twice in a short period of time.

With all the flirting he's done its not to say that he has had some success. Ironically enough most of these cases resulted from minimal flirting on his part. In the series there have been a few women who actually showed premonitions of liking him. The two most obvious ones are the Pike Queen Lucy and Holly who joined him in a doubles battle tournament in Sinnoh.

Brock is also well known for his culinary abilities as well as his cleaning and sewing prowess. These were all gained as he took care of his nine brothers and sisters.

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