ContestShipping (Also known as Drew/May, DaML, or ShuuHaru) is the belief that Drew and May,two characters of the Pokémon franchise, have romantic feelings for each other.

ContestShipping is one of the two main opponents of AdvanceShipping, mainly due to the fact that the main character May is supposedly in love with one of the associated male characters. ContestShippers in general aren't as hostile as PokeShippers but because ContestShipping and AdvanceShipping are the only main ships that include May they are more likely to try and counter AdvanceShipping's hints. This shipping is usually one of the more hated shippings amongst AdvanceShippers. The usual reason for this is the way that they see Drew treats May in and out of the contest ring. Another common reason is that many see Drew as a playboy that only wants May for how she looks.

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