A coordinator is a class of Pokémon trainer that specializes in using their Pokémon in competitions devoted to displaying the beauty of the Pokémon and their attacks. Unlike the usual Pokémon trainer, coordinators try to find new and inventive ways to use their Pokémon's attacks to amaze and entertain judges and audience members.

Coordinators participate in regional contests to win ribbons that eventually qualify them to compete in the region's Grand Festival. Currently all four major regions of the Pokémon world have operating contests.

Two of the series' main characters, May and Dawn, are coordinators. Both enjoy using cute Pokémon and creating new innovate ways of using their attacks. Both of them have also been coached by the Pokémon Trainer Ash at some point involving the basics of using Pokémon and how to treat them.

Unlike trainer battles contest battles are based on a point system. Once a Pokémon loses all of its points it is disqualified, no matter if it fainted or not. The winner of the battle is the trainer that ends with the most points. Coordinators can lose points for such things as attacks hitting their Pokémon or missing attacks on the opponent's Pokémon.

Other well known coordinators include Drew, Harley, Solidad, Zoey, Kenny, and Nando.

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