Dawn (Japanese: ヒカリ Hikari) Is one the main protagonists of the Pokémon franchise and one of the current traveling companions of Ash Ketchum. Unlike Ash she is trying to become a Coordinator just like her mother, Johanna. Although she is trying her hardest Dawn is having a tough time acquiring the ribbons needed to participate in the Sinnoh Grand Festival. Many of them being won by her rivals Zoey, Kenny, and Nando.

Even though she isn't extremely successful in the contests she still loves to participate and dress up for them. Like the last coordinator featured as a main character, May, she had many difficulties with her starting Pokémon. Unlike May though, who only started to consistently use her starter once it evolved, her Piplup has become one of her most commonly used Pokémon in contests.

In the original Japanese version her catch line is the phrase "Daijoubou," which roughly translates as "Its okay." In the English Dub adaptation it it changed to "No need to worry!"

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