Genesis is a pokemon/heroes cross over fanfiction, written by numberXV. There are many differences between May's Crush and this story:
It is a Pokemon and Heroes crossover.
Max is the hero.
Paul replaces Brock.
The gang goes to Cerulean City for a swim with Misty.
Cyndi and Max will become closer, or even kiss.
Everybody's age will be changed.
Norman, Caroline, Professor Oak, and Deliah probably won't be in the story.
The evil Joy won't be the nurse of Cerulean, but will instead be Joseph's intern.

As the author can't find a way to make the story more like a pokemon/heroes crossover, the fanfiction has been canceled.


Synopsis: What would it have been like if they were older? What if Paul was there? With a whole new perspective, plot, and number of characters, May's Crush is back! Pokemon and Heroes crossover.

Full Synopsis: To come later.


  • This fanfic is written as a parallel universe version of May's Crush by PikamasterADV.
  • In this fanfic, the characters from Heroes are portrayed by Pokemon characters. These would be:

Max as Peter
Paul as Matt
Drew as Nathan
Harley as Sylar

  • This is the only fanfic where Max takes place as the hero. Also, it will be the only one where he will return Cyndi's feelings (when I'm done with the story).
  • All sequels, like Genesis, will be named after the titles of the Heroes seasons (Generations, Villians, and Fugitives).
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