Drew (Japanese: シュウ Shū) was (and possibly still is) May's greatest coordinator rival. He makes his first debut in the anime in the thirty-third episode of Advanced Generation, "Now That's Flower Power!". His hometown is LaRousse City in the Hoenn Region.

When Drew had participated in his very first contest, he had lost badly to a strong coordinator named Solidad. She said the loss was so heart-breaking for him it had even made him cry. Though he had suffered a defeat in his first contest, he endeavored to become a better coordinator and has succeeded to a good extent. He used to be very prone to nervousness when he started his career as a coordinator.

He used to taunt May when he first met her because she used to be like him when he first started out. Even though his comments and attitude may have angered May, he still provides a helping hand whenever she needs it. Drew’s skills have been a continuing inspiration for May to better herself as a coordinator.

Drew is currently competing in Contests in the Johto Region.

Portrayal in AdvanceShipping Fanfiction

Since Drew is the other half of the couple in ContestShipping, he is often an antagonist and his style of battling and training is often contrasted with Ash. Very few stories cast him in a positive light, and some avoid discussing him at all. When he does appear, Drew is fairly arrogant and very confident of his skills as a coordinator. Much like Ash's old friend and rival Gary Oak once was, Drew is seen as a crowd pleaser and very critical of what May does in her contests. He says that he's just trying to help May along, but more often then not he comes across more as just insulting.

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