Final Challenge

Final Challenge is the first fan fiction by Matkin22, and his best known story. He was inspired to try a foray into the world of fan fiction with an AdvanceShipping work after reading May's Crush and Rise of the Dark Gems. The story details the last days of Ash's life. Although it was the first posted, Final Challenge is the second part of a trilogy; it is preceeded by the prequel, Road to the Championship, and will be followed by the sequel, The Lost Ones.


Ash has won the Sinnoh League and subsequently beaten the Elite Four challenge. He has accepted Scott's offer of becoming a Frontier Brain and, following the retirement of Spenser, he has become the final brain of the Kanto Frontier, in charge of his own facility between Pallet Town and Viridian City: the Battle Colosseum. His final obstacle to becoming a true Master is a battle against Cynthia, which will take place at the Colosseum. But when a furious Rayquaza shows up in the middle of the match, it sets in motion a chain of events which leads to the group's final confrontation against Team Rocket.

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