Neo League Conquest

Neo League Conquest(formerly "Manhunt") by Dryuu

Published: March 3, 2008

Current Status: Incomplete, currently with 31 official chapters

Category: Pokemon

Published in: Advanceshippers' Inc.(as the former title), current title)

Short Synopsis:

A mysterious, masked entity easily conquers the Pokemon world. He managed to hunt down most, if not all, gym leaders, and replace them with his own, starting a new league altogether. He is after the badges, said to contain mysterious properties that allow them to augment a Pokemon's power. What use does this have to the mysterious leader? And what does it have to do with the power of an incontrollable black hole that is within his grasp?

The protagonist Ash Ketchum sets off to find out why, by conquering the new League. However, he does not know that he's playing right into the masked man's hands.

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