May's Crush

"May's Crush" is a thirty-five chapter fanfiction depicting AdvanceShipping. It was written by PikamasterADV.

Here is a short summary from the author.

May's Crush: A 35 Chapter Fanfic. Chronicalling events that took place near Cerulean City, Ash and May fall in love and defend themselves from a variety of opponents. Lots of characters appear here and take part in the action.



The story takes place between "Aipom and Circumstance" and "Strategy Tommorow - Comedy Tonight!". The most important events from the most recent episodes were May's victory over Drew and subsequent defeat at the hands of Solidad, and Ash's capture of his Aipom. Later chapters also take plot elements from "The Unbelievable Lightness of Seeing!"

The Beginning (Chapters 1-8)

The story begins with Ash and his friends continuing their journey. May has just competed in the Grand Festival a few days ago, and seems to be spacing out. Through pestering her, Max arrives at the conclusion that May has a crush on someone, and proceeds to torment her about it. Hearing May's screams during his training, Drew arrives and reveals that he hasn't yet returned to Hoenn, and asks May and her friends if he could walk with them to the Pokémon Center. Although seemingly in agreement on the outside, something inside Ash begins to bother him as Drew quickly becomes the center of attention to May, Max, and Brock. Pikachu queries Ash, who notes that, while he knew that May and Drew were friends, he "never thought of May and Drew like [a couple] before." Pikachu inspires Ash to do something about the situation if he does not like it.

The group arrives at the Pokémon Center and meet Joseph, much to Brock's dismay. After dinner, May goes outside to gaze at the moon and is quickly joined by Pikachu, who has been commissioned by Ash to spy on her and try to gain some information about her crush. May takes advantage of the situation and tries to get Pikachu to talk about Ash's private life. When Pikachu avoids the subject, Drew appears, causing Pikachu to scurry off and tell Ash that Drew has arrived to speak with May. Drew lets his intentions known: he is in love with May and wishes that she travel with him. May quickly brings up Max and his situation, so Drew lets her know that he will leave the Pokémon Center tomorrow morning if she comes to a decision. He leaves a rose with her and departs just as Ash appears from the bushes. Ash awkwardly reveals that he has feelings for May, and was forced to say something out of his fear that Drew would cause her to leave the group. After he talks about when he realized that he may feel something more than friendship with her, he leaves to go camp out in the forest to let May have some piece of mind that night.

Her heart breaking due to the immediacy required of her decision, May asks Brock for advice. They come up with a plan: Brock will distribute letters to each of them, letting them know in vague language that something was done to May by the other. Brock will referee a Pokémon Battle between the boys, with May watching to see if any action taken by the boys when they're supposed to be rescuing her makes her rethink her opinion of them.

Drew wakes up in the morning to find the note and rushes out to the site indicated. Ash has a nightmare of May leaving the group, intensified by Drew having the voice of Gary Oak, Ash's former rival. He awakens to find the note, and quickly rushes over to the site of the battle. In a tag battle between Ash's Pikachu and Aipom and Drew's Masquerain and Roselia, Ash's Pokémon end up victorious. When Ash confronts a confused Drew afterwards, May is forced to give up the charade and come clean about the nature of the battle. Just as she is about to talk, Team Rocket appears and uses the opportunity to snatch Pikachu and Roselia, as well as May, when Jessie realizes that the coordinator was supposed to be the prize of the battle. Although Ash's Swellow was able to deflate the balloon, Team Rocket began escaping in their new Weezing Air Mecha. Ash and Drew put aside their differences and chase down Team Rocket upon Drew's Flygon.

May begins her own escape with the help of Munchlax and Combusken. She finds the room where Pikachu and Roselia are being held just as Ash and Drew arrive from the outside. With Combusken's help, May allows Ash and Drew inside as Team Rocket arrives to see what has happened. Using Sceptile and Absol, Ash and Drew defeat Team Rocket and destroy the mecha. However, Flygon isn't used to carrying so many people, and struggles to stay afloat. May slips off, and Ash leaps into the air to catch her. Ash's Swellow catches Ash by the shoulders and helps soften the landing into a lake, wounding Ash in the process. As Drew flys off to rest Flygon and come back with more help, Ash and May swim to the lake shore, where May tears her bandana in half to use as a makeshift bandage for Ash's wound. Ash and May regroup and begin walking through the forest, and camp out in the middle of it for the night. May tells Ash of Drew's intentions before they both go to sleep.

In the morning, May wakes up to find Sceptile watching over her. They follow the path that Ash walked along to find him knocking berries out of a tree for breakfast. The trainers let all of their Pokémon out and while they eat, Ash and May have a food fight. Afterwards, the trainers return to the campsite and clean it up before heading down a path in the forest. May realizes that she forgot about the items they left behind at the campsite, and has to carry one of the berries herself, even though it was in Ash's pack. As Ash fumes to himself about the mysteries of womanhood, they end up on a path Ash took long ago that leads right to Cerulean City.


"May's Crush" involves all of the main characters of the Pokemon anime (as of the Advanced Generation saga), as well as many of the franchise's minor recurring characters. Ash Ketchum, May, and Drew are the three principal characters in the story, although Misty and Harley also have significant roles in the plot. Also represented in the story are Max, Brock, Jessie, James, Nurse Joy, Delia, Professor Oak, Tracey, Norman, and Caroline. Violet, Lily, Daisy and Officer Jenny make cameo appearances.

Three original characters are created for the purpose of this story: Joseph, Raine, and their daughter Cyndi.


Ash's Pikachu
Ash's Aipom
Ash's Corphish
Drew's Roselia
Drew's Masquerain
Jessie's Wobbuffet
James's Mime Jr.
Ash's Swellow
Drew's Flygon
May's Munchlax
May's Combusken
Jessie's Seviper
James's Cacnea
Ash's Sceptile
Drew's Absol
Ash's Donphan
May's Squirtle
May's Eevee
Misty's Gyarados
Drew's Butterfree
Jessie's Dustox
Harley's Ariados
Harley's Cacturne
Harley's Banette
Harley's Octillery
Skarmory (Joseph's)

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