Misty (Japanese: カスミ Kasumi) is one of the main protagonists of the Pokémon franchise and was the first person to start traveling Ash Ketchum on his Pokémon journey. She accompanied him and Brock though Kanto and Johto, as well as the Orange Islands. Though at that time Tracey had temporarily replaced Brock as a traveling companion.

Misty is one of the four Sensational Sisters of Cerulean City and is also the leader of their gym. Misty's goal in life is to become that world's greatest water Pokémon trainer and is nearly obsessed at times with water-type Pokémon, the specialty of the Cerulean Gym.

Misty originally met Ash as she fished him out of a river between Pallet Town and Veridian City. During this encounter Ash borrowed her bike to rush his Pikachu to a Pokémon Center. Although along the way her bike was burnt to a crisp after a flock of Spearow attacked the pair. After this point Misty declared that she would follow Ash no matter where he goes until he payed her back for her bike. Even if this was the original reason that she followed him, her reasons slowly changed as time went on, at one point she even forgot that he even destroyed her bike.

After Ash completed the Johto League, Misty was called back to Cerulean City to take the place of her sisters as the gym leader. Grudgingly she returned to the gym and took up the position, conquering her fear of Gyarados in the process. Even after her sisters returned, Misty still remains at the gym as its leader. Finding all of her sisters too incompetent at battling, she kept the position to uphold the honor of the gym.

At some point during the Orange Islands Saga Misty started to show signs of having a crush on Ash. There were a few times throughout their journey that she tried to give hints to Ash about it, but Ash was never able to catch on to them. These feelings have been suggested to have subsided after Misty left the group, with no signs of her crush appearing in her temporary returns during and after the Advance Saga.

Misty is also well known for her mood swings with most of the time being a sweet optimistic girl. But she is easy to anger and can become quite scary to her traveling companions at times. This type of personality often doesn't bode to well with Ash's as neither is usually willing to back down from an argument, slowly escalating as it continues on. Brock or Tracey were always fairly quick to try and stop such battles from reaching that point.

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