Pokemon Breeder

A Pokémon Breeder is a class of trainer that specializes in the raising and care of a Pokémon instead of the basic Pokémon trainer or a coordinator.

The path to becoming a good Pokémon Breeder is a long and hard one. To become a good breeder one must make sure that they know each Pokémon type and even each individual Pokémon are to be treated. Knowing what type of food they like and what nutrients should be in their foods are other essential features that must be learned. Its the vast amount of knowledge and personal experience that must be gained which makes this a difficult path.

One of the series' main characters, Brock, is striving to become the world's greatest breeder. In the time since he became apart of the group he has taken care of all of their Pokémon and has improved his very own Pokémon food, specialized for each type of Pokémon.

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