PokeShipping (Also known as Ash/Misty, AaML, or SatoKasu) is the belief that Ash Ketchum and Misty,two main characters of the Pokémon franchise have romantic feelings for each other.

PokeShipping is one of the two main opponents of AdvanceShipping, mostly due to the fact that each ship holds to the fact that Ash is in love with each female character. Many PokeShippers also feel that May took Misty's position away from her after she left. This initially caused many initial hostilities towards May in the beginning of the Advanced Generation saga. These hostilities transfered over to AdvanceShipping as soon as it was starting to show promise, and later to PearlShipping. Even now there are many PokeShippers that are still holding this hostility and are well known for flaming the many fanfictions and trying desperately to disprove their hints.

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